What is ThermoEye?

ThermoEye is a system through which the breeder receives information about the detection of the first symptoms of a sick animal. Most existing swine diseases have temperature symptoms. Usually, at least a few hours pass between the occurrence of the first elevated temperatures of the animal and the change in its behavior. In herds larger than 100, it is almost impossible to notice such a change on a single animal. During the course of the disease, the metabolism of animals is changed. Initially, they consume identical feed value, but their increase is definitely smaller, which translates into an increase in FCR feed conversion rate, which is why detection of early symptoms is so important.

The ThermoEye device is installed in public and frequently visited places in the piggeries. Such places include feed machines, weighing cages (sorting), delivery rooms. ThermoEye uses the phenomenon of thermography to detect temperature. Each of the devices has built-in thermographic cameras, which after installation are directed so that from a short distance (less than one meter) they can observe animals. If the device detects an elevated temperature in a given animal, then it is automatically marked with food paint. Automatic marking is done using a sprayer, which is also built into the ThermoEye device. At the same time, information about the place and time of the event is sent to the breeder with the marking of the sick animal.

How it works?

Familiarize yourself with the ThermoEye operation and discover your benefits!
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    Continuous remote monitoring

    The device measures the temperature every single pig several times a day. It allows for continuous remote control of whole herd without human supervision.

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    Fever detection

    The ThermoEye system detects an animal that has experienced a temperature increase due to non-environmental factors (i.e. illness, stress,)

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    In the case of detecting a sick animal, the system marks pig with a food paint and sends SMS notification to the breeder or, optionally, to the vet with detailed information when and where accident happens.

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    Historical data analysis

    The user can analyze the historical temperature distribution of the herd and the surroundings. Thanks to that you can run more precise production cycle.

Your profits

Nowadays, the difficult situation on the pig market makes every element of the breeding process affect its profitability. Rising feed prices and the increasing amount of antibiotics administered adversely affect profits. Preventive antibioitics will be forbiden in EU since 2022. Find out how to increase the profitability of production by up to several percent.

Lower FCR

~70% of production costs are feed. Early detection of the disease in the herd leads to the limitation of the period in which the animal consumes the feed and do not gain weight.

More effective treatment

Detection of the initial phase of the disease leads to a reduction in the doses of antibiotics used. Early action reduces the spread of the disease. You reduce AMR impact.

Less falls

Early detection, inhibits the development of the disease. Thanks to this, the quickly taken action will not lead to falls in the herd or a drastic reduction in the growth of the animal.

Easier production with lower risks

Due to the difficult situation on the labor market and the lack of qualified employees serving the breeding of animals. Round-the-clock monitoring greatly facilitates control over the breeding.

Marking sick animals

The ThermoEye system is equipped with a module for marking sick animals